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An evidence based & simple approach to wellness

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About Me

Founded by Nutritionist Amy Leahy, Chickpea Nutrition specializes in helping clients use diet and lifestyle to overcome their health issues and lead more inspired lives. Amy has been plant-based since 2012 and she has faced several health issues related to gut and hormonal health. She tried everything before focusing on diet and lifestyle, which proved to be incredibly effective. Today, she helps others find the same relief. 

Amy completed a BHSc in Nutritional and Dietetic Medicine and is also a diabetes coach, corporate speaker, and workshop facilitator. 

Chickpea Nutrition provides simple, easy, and effective lifestyle and nutrition advice based on the most up-to-date scientific evidence. They leverage the power of whole foods and science to provide sustainable tools while rejecting fads, teas, supplements, and shakes. Amy leverages her personal experience, a wealth of knowledge, and expertise in gut health and hormonal health to offer valuable one-on-one coaching and consults that will help clients change their lives forever.

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Discovery Call

This free 15-minute phone call is a great opportunity for us to have a chat about your current dietary & lifestyle goals, health, and future goals.


It will also allow me to let you know how I can help you from a nutritional medicine perspective and to see if I am the right practitioner for you to work with.

Initial Consultation

During an initial consultation, we will cover not only your diet and lifestyle but past medical history and go explore all possible aspects of the nutrition, biological and related body system that are associated with your current health problem or goal. After taking a detailed case history we will work together to create a treatment plan that reflects your goals and that has easy and manageable dietary & lifestyle changes to implement into your life Price: $190 Duration: 1.5hrs - 2hrs

Follow up Consultation

During this consult, we will assess your progress, modify the previous goal & establish new ones. A follow up consult enables us to check in and see how you are progressing since your initial consultation. We will review any changes you have experienced. The follow up consultation is were modification of previous goals and treatment aims may occur, stepping up the treatment of certain conditions or where we start working on a new challenge Price: $130 Duration: 60 mins

Coaching Package

Are available to clients who have had an initial consultation. This option enables us to connect more frequently to focus on specific goal progression. Coaching is a great option for those seeking accountability and support. Coaching packages are purchased as 4 x 30 mins sessions to be used as little or as often as you needed. You will get an email detailing progress and advice after each call. Cost: $160

Corporate and Workshop Events

Amy has written and facilitated numerous workshops on many topics related to health & wellness such as, Eating to Improve Concentration, The Gut/Mind Connection, The Importance of Sleep, Sustainability, and Mindfulness and many more. Amy has presented for charities such as Headspace and Project Youth as well as for corporations such as We Build, AEMO, AXA, Veritas Recruitment, Channel 9, Indeed & Navy Health Please contact me for any workshop & speaking inquires

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What Our Clients Say


I initially reached out to Amy to get some help/insight into my incredibly imbalanced hormones due to being on the contraceptive pill for many years and to ensure I was nourishing my body during this sensitive time of rebalancing.

I had never been to a nutritionist before and was not entirely sure what to expect. Amy was incredibly thorough during our consultation. We covered every aspect of my health. Amy listened to my concerns and empathized with my feelings of disconnect with my body that my GP had dismissed or ignored. Amy really created a safe place where I felt 110% in the best hands possible. Amy provided me with incredible knowledge and insight into my body, my nutrition, the connection between them, and a support plan to follow. I left out consultation feeling empowered by the knowledge and insight I had received specific to my needs.

Since then, I have never felt better mentally or physically. Amy’s support and advice are something incredibly special to me, particularly for this intimate and sensitive journey.

Thank you, Amy! You are an incredibly special and skilled person. I am so thankful I found you

-Ash C


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Tuesdays, Saturdays, and Sundays (other days by request)

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