Chickpea Nutrition  was created to be a safe space, free from presumptions and judgment, where each client is respected as the unique individual that they are. I acknowledge and respect each person’s beliefs, values and honour the place that they are currently in their life especially when
it comes to nutrition.


Chickpea Nutrition is a  holistic practice with all advice and treatments coming from scientific based evidence and traditional knowledge.


I am a proud nutrition nerd who is always reading
the latest study, book or researching constantly to continue growing and deepening my
nutritional knowledge.


Our Services 

*consultations can occur online, in clinic in Leichhhardt or a place of your choosing

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Discovery Call

This free phone call is a great opportunity for us to have a chat about your current dietary &
lifestyle goals, health and future goals.


It will also allow me to let you know how I can help you
from a nutritional medicine perspective and to see if I am the right practitioner for you to work with.

Price: Free 

Duration: 15 mins

Initial Consultation

During an initial consultation we will cover not only your diet and lifestyle but past medical history and go explore all possible aspects of the nutrition, biological and related body system that are associated with your current health problem or goal.


After taking a detailed case history we will work together to create a treatment plan that reflects your goals and that has easy and manageable dietary & lifestyle changes to implement
into your life. Supplements may be advised .

Price: $170 

Duration: 1.5hrs - 2hrs 

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Follow Up Consultation

Follow ups give you the opportunity to tell me how you have been since our initial consultation and for you to reflect on any triumphs or challenges that you may have experienced. During this time I am able to assess your progress, modify previous goals & establish new ones.
A follow up consult enables us to check in and see how you are progressing since your initial consultation.


We will review any changes you have experienced. The follow up consultation is were modification of previous goals and treatment aims may occur, stepping up the treatment of certain conditions or where we start working on a new challenge.

Price: $110

Duration: 60 mins

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Why Us?

Maximise your wellbeing!

It doesn't matter where in your health journey you are, we will meet you there.

Our one goal is to focus on you and what brings you the most comfort with better health. 

We will show you how to properly balance your lifestyle with your diet to ensure you aren't just living, but thriving!