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About Amy

How Chickpea Nutrition started!

I am a degree qualified nutritionist with a BHSc Nutritional & Dietetic Medicine & registered with the Australian Natural Therapists Association (ANTA).

Chickpea Nutrition was created to be a safe space, free from presumptions and judgment, where
each client is respected as the unique individual that they are. I acknowledge and respect each
person’s beliefs, values and honour the place that they are currently in their life especially when
it comes to nutrition.

My practice is holistic and client based with all advice and treatments coming from scientific
based evidence and traditional knowledge. I am a proud nutrition nerd who is always reading
the latest study, book or researching constantly to continue growing and deepening my
nutritional knowledge.


My aim is to empower you with the knowledge to enable you to make the best decisions for
you, as you know yourself the best.
Whilst I am passionate about everything nutrition based I have a special interest in :
• Iron issues
• Plant based nutrition (I have been on plant-based path for 8 years and counting)
• Gut Health & Issues
• Energy & Fatigue
• Immunity
• Womens Health
• Gut microbiome imbalances (dysbiosis)
• High Cholesterol & Type II diabetes